Austenwood care home GP

Austenwood Care Home has launched a rare and groundbreaking new service – a dedicated, private GP for their residents to help reduce hospital admissions and prioritise overall health and wellbeing.

Both Austenwood and Kingfishers Care Home, owned by Premium Care Group, are believed to be the only homes in the country to offer this private GP service, which has been launched in direct response to resident and family feedback.

Reducing Care Home Hospital Admissions

According to stats from The Health Foundation, 41 per cent of emergency admissions to hospital from care homes were for conditions that are potentially manageable, treatable or preventable outside of a hospital setting.

Historically, having received just one NHS GP ward round per month, the care homes are now prioritising residents’ wellbeing like never before. After families expressed dissatisfaction with the limited access to medical care and having listened to this feedback, the home owners invested in a private and local GP service. Therefore, the homes are now able to offer more frequent ward visits and quicker access to medication.

This innovative service sets a new standard for ageing well in a care home, prioritising the health, wellbeing and comfort of residents.  

Robert Adams, director at Premium Care Group, said:  “We are committed to providing our residents with the very best care, and that includes prompt and responsive medical attention.

“We do not know of any other care homes in the area, or in fact in the country, to be offering a dedicated private GP service, so we are incredibly proud not only to be offering this service but also that we have listened to feedback and are now, ultimately, meeting the health needs of our residents and their families.”

Through careful recruitment facilitated by Premium Care Group, medical lead Dr. Bashir, a local Buckinghamshire GP, has been appointed to fulfil the role.

Care Home GP Ward Rounds

Residents at both care homes will now benefit from two dedicated ward rounds per week.  Additionally, the medical lead will be on-call for emergencies and unforeseen needs.  This enhanced accessibility will dramatically improve response times to resident health concerns and reduce the need for hospital admissions.

Dr. Bashir, medical lead at Premium Care Group and director of A&R Priority Healthcare, said: “This new service offers advantages beyond immediate medical attention.  I will be able to develop a trusting relationship with all of the care home residents, fostering a sense of security and familiarity. My greatest passion is to address the imbalance of the availability of medical expertise in our nation’s nursing homes.

“I am looking forward to forging a close working relationship with staff, residents and their families. Ultimately, my aims are to exercise preventative measures and avoid emergency admissions by empowering staff and having open lines of communication. This will eventually mean less pressure on the NHS, improved well being and overall better quality of life.” 

Caroline Thomas, resident at Austenwood Care Home, added: “Having a private GP is a huge improvement for Austenwood. It has given me a piece of mind to be able to discuss my concerns throughout the week and to be able to see Dr Bashir twice a week if I need to, especially as he comes on a Saturday. This is very important to me. Hopefully this obviates the need to go to hospital.”

Both Austenwood and Kingfisher Care Homes are proud to be at the forefront of resident care.  

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