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Elderly residential care provides a solution for when you or your family member requires extra care and assistance due to changing needs. It may be due to a noticeable decline in mobility or cognitive abilities, or perhaps your loved one needs temporary support following surgery. Austenwood is here to deliver the appropriate level of care and assistance whenever it’s needed.

Residential care home in Buckinghamshire

Many of our residents stay with us on an ongoing basis. Austenwood is their home. Residents opt for long-term care if they are living with a health condition, have limited mobility or if their loved ones don’t live nearby and are in need of some peace of mind.


Austenwood is an elderly residential care home in Buckinghamshire where we are able to look after up to 33 residents at any one time. We welcome family and friends to our community, where we are able to provide one-to-one care and get to know our residents’ family members too.

Our family-focused approach promotes a supportive environment for both residents and their loved ones. This transparency can be crucial in addressing concerns promptly, making well-informed decisions and ensuring residents’ comfort and happiness in our Buckinghamshire residential care home.

Residential Care Home in Buckinghamshire - Austenwood Care Home

Elderly Residential Care - Buckinghamshire - Austenwood Care Home

Our staff

At Austenwood Care Home, our friendly and experienced care team are committed to providing exceptional elderly residential care. Led by our care manager and supported by our dedicated care workers, we maintain the highest standard of care through their kindness and compassion.

We ensure our team align with our core values, emphasising kindness, respect and a joyful approach. Through values-based recruitment and continuous investment in support, development and training, we ensure that our care team not only understands but embodies these values. It is through their kindness and compassion that we are able to provide such a high standard of care.


We are dedicated to creating a strong sense of community in our elderly residential care environment. This encourages meaningful interactions among residents and our compassionate staff, as well as with the community outside of our home.

Our activities encompass a wide range, from gentle exercises and singalongs to board games and books, and even day trips and excursions. Our activities team combines their own expertise with entertainers from our local community, creating a packed schedule suitable for everyone.

Residential Care Home - Buckinghamshire - Austenwood Care Home

Buckinghamshire - Elderly Residential Care - Austenwood Care Home

Schedules and structure

Establishing a routine can significantly enhance a person’s life, particularly those who appreciate structure. At our residential care home in Buckinghamshire, our care team is readily available to provide support and guidance, ensuring a kind and reassuring approach throughout the day.

We offer residents the support they need, whether it’s assistance with daily tasks such as washing, dressing, medication management or mealtime help. Regardless of the level of care required, we prioritise treating our residents with dignity and respect.

The right care for you

At our residential care home we provide a range of care options, ensuring that your family member receives the appropriate level of support tailored to their specific requirements, giving you peace of mind.

Nursing care

For individuals with health issues requiring continuous nursing care, we offer round-the-clock specialised nursing care on both a long-term and short-term basis.

Specialist care

We specialise in services that are specifically tailored to meet the unique and often complex needs of individuals with specific medical conditions or other disabilities.

Palliative care

Offering compassionate end-of-life care to both you and your family member, providing the highest quality support to enhance well-being during this challenging time.

Dementia care

We offer 24/7 residential care in a secure and engaging environment. Providing personalised care plans for your loved ones.

Respite care (Short stays)

Short stays serve various purposes, such as seeking respite or just experiencing life in our home. We warmly welcome individuals for stays ranging from one week up to four weeks.

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Frequently Ask Questions

How many residents are presence at any one time?

Austenwood’s residential care home in Buckinghamshire can home up to 33 residents at any one time.

How are medical needs addressed?

We have a healthcare professional based at the home who will meet regularly with the family to ensure that all ongoing medical requirements are provided to your loved one.

What is the cost and what’s included?

Self-Funded Residential Care from £1,850 (These prices are only a guideline, please contact Austenwood Care Home to find out the exact price for your requirements.) Included is the room bed fee, standard care fee, all utilities, ground maintenance, meals and snacks, entertainment.

Can I outline schedules and meal preferences for my family member?

Promoting independence is a core aspect of the way we approach our care service, but we understand that people’s needs change, and we adapt accordingly. We regularly organise meetings at Austenwood, allowing residents and family members to express their views and offer feedback. This ensures we continually deliver the appropriate level of care, whether it involves contributing to the weekly menu or planning our next group outing. We value our residents’ input and encourage their active involvement.

Next steps

Now you have an insight into our residential care in Buckinghamshire, feel free to arrange a visit to Austenwood Care Home to meet our staff and experience our fantastic facilities.

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