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We welcome individuals to join us for a short-term stay at Austenwood, whether it is for a couple of weeks to experience life in our Buckinghamshire care home or a few weeks break to offer respite to a family. We extend a warm welcome to anyone seeking respite care in Buckinghamshire.

What is convalescent care?

Convalescent care (also known as respite care) is a service that enables carers and family members to take a break from caring. Individuals may also require respite care when they are recovering from an illness or operation.

Our dedicated team at Austenwood Care Home will provide around-the-clock care as a temporary replacement. Our respite care in Buckinghamshire is fully personalised to meet individual needs.

Our convalescent care team collaborates closely with families to ascertain the best duration, setting and level of care required.

Convalescent Care - Buckinghamshire - Austenwood Care Home

Why consider respite care?

For carers…

Respite for you and your family

It provides a break for primary caregivers, allowing them to rest and recharge, reducing caregiver stress and burnout.

Extended care cover

Respite care in Austenwood Care Home enables you to take a longer break, such as a holiday.

Smooth transition

Our convalescent care service can ease the transition into permanent residency for those considering long-term care in the future.

For residents…

Trial our home

Allowing you to experience life in our Buckinghamshire care home temporarily. Helping you evaluate whether a care home is suitable for you long-term.

Social interaction

Giving you the opportunity to socialise with other residents, fostering a sense of community and reducing feelings of isolation.

Medical supervision

For individuals recovering from an illness or surgery, convalescent care provides the necessary medical supervision and assistance with recovery.

What to expect with our convalescent care service

Respite Care In Buckinhamshire - Austenwood Care Home

Creating a personal plan

To make your loved one’s stay as comfortable as possible, we’ll ensure we liaise with family and health professionals to create a personalised care package. To ensure the individual’s comfort, and to get to know them better, our convalescent care team will meet with the family to discuss day-to-day routines, eating habits and things they enjoy doing, as well as any dislikes. Our experienced and friendly care team will ensure that your loved one’s personalised care plan is meticulously followed during their convalescent care period.

Our facilities

We cover all the basics, from providing meals for your loved one, to doing their laundry, so you don’t have to worry. We have regular lifestyle activities for our long-term residents that your loved one can also participate in. We offer bedrooms with en-suite facilities for those who prefer more privacy during their respite care in Buckinghamshire. Additionally, our residents can enjoy various activities, including the use of mobility-friendly courtyard gardens, a hair salon and our multi functional cinema/sensory room.

Respite Care In Buckinhamshire - Convalescent Care - Austenwood Care Home

Frequently Ask Questions

How long can they stay?

Our convalescent care service usually spans from two to four weeks, depending on requirements. Whether you plan it ahead for a holiday or need it unexpectedly due to a family emergency, respite care is flexible and can be arranged accordingly.

Can you follow our routines and structure?

Respite care offers a structured daily routine, providing stability and predictability. During this period, our experienced and skilled care professionals step in to seamlessly continue the care routine, schedules and habits of the care recipient.

What should we bring from home?

While we do provide all of their essential items, we encourage your loved one to bring personal belongings to make their stay more comfortable. Items you can bring include:

  • Paintings
  • Framed photographs
  • Ornaments
  • Your favourite books or magazines
  • Puzzles
  • Knitting, crocheting or embroidery
  • Mobile phone, tablet and charger

Other home comforts such as your favourite cushion, blankets, quilts, throws or chair to personalise your room are welcome.

Can I see my loved one during this respite period?

We warmly welcome friends and family to visit during this period. Just let us know before visiting your loved one experiencing our respite care in Buckinghamshire.

How much do you charge per week ?

Cost varies depending on room. Please contact us for a quote.

Our pricelist

Will my relative have a choice of meals or is it a set menu?

Meals at Austenwood are flexible, allowing all convalescent care residents to choose between dining in the communal dining room or in the comfort of their own bedrooms. Our dedicated chef takes pride in crafting freshly prepared, delicious meals. They make regular visits to residents to understand their food preferences and ensure a diverse and satisfying menu.

Next steps

Now you have an insight into our respite care in Buckinghamshire, feel free to arrange a visit to Austenwood Care Home to meet our staff and experience our fantastic facilities.

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