At Austenwood Care Home, we have taken a giant leap forward in enhancing the lives of its residents with the introduction of a state-of-the-art interactive technology – the LifeSize Touch activity table.

The activity table was a gift from Premium Care Group directors, Robert and Renos, which has become quite a hit amongst residents.

What is an interactive activity table?

The LifeSize Touch activity table offers an extensive range of interactive activities, including puzzles, sensory games, music, and much more, catering to the diverse needs and interests of the residents.

Our care home staff have already started including the activity table in the residents’ daily activities. They have set up WhatsApp on it, which has made it easier for residents to chat with family members and friends. One resident has already become an expert at using the activity table and video calling her loved ones.

Our home manager Corina Andreescu said:

”We’re thrilled to introduce the LifeSize Touch activity table to our residents. It’s not just a piece of technology but a gateway to new experiences, connections, and a world of engagement.”

So far, we have done some amazing things with it

Residents have already embarked on virtual journeys around the globe using the interactive table. One of our lovely residents was transported back to her childhood home in Jamaica and relived memories from her childhood.

The interactive table helped residents revisit fond holiday destinations and their family homes, and even explore unfulfilled travel destinations, allowing residents to relive and share their life stories in an unprecedented way.

The activity table has been designed with the needs of older adults and individuals with varying abilities in mind, the large touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that is great for care home residents.

The introduction of the LifeSize Touch activity table will be a great addition to the activities and routine of the residents at Austenwood.

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